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Why Shopping Local is so Important!

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Why Shopping Local is so Important!

Shopping local is more than just a trend, it’s a lifestyle.

Rather than supporting faceless corporations, buying local gives the control back to the consumer, and is in turn better for the environment, better for the economy, and better for the consumer.

Better for the Environment

  • -As we learn more about climate change, the idea of shopping local becomes synonymous with sustainability.
  • -When you buy from chains, the food is often transported across the country, which can create a great deal of air pollution.
  • -Local farms tend to avoid the pesticides that many national businesses rely on because of the scale of their distribution,  which means less damage to the earth and to our bodies.

Better for the Economy

  • -In addition to being better for the environment, buying local stimulates the local economy. When you buy from a chain,  that wealth is distributed elsewhere, but by buying local, you are supporting the local community and making sure that  money can go back into your community.
  • -Buying local creates jobs where people like you need them. By buying local, you can decrease poverty levels and  unemployment in your city, which can lead to growth in other areas.

Better for the Consumer

  • -Local goods are often of a better quality than mass-produced goods. Especially when it comes to food, locally sourced  food does not have to travel, which means that it does not require the same amount of preservatives and it is much less  likely to be damaged during transport.
  • -Because of their roots in the community, local businesses are better able to serve the unique needs of that community.  When you shop locally, you aren’t just another profit margin, but you are. Local Goods at Good Earth.


Because of the popularity of shopping locally, you have more options than ever in your own back yard. Take advantage of these opportunities to better your community and yourself.  We hope to see ya! www.good-earth.com


Shop Local

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