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Since 1971, the Good Earth Natural Food Company has offered the very best natural products at discount prices. We are a family owned and operated business. We offer a distinctive and broad selection of natural and organic foods, vitamins & supplements, beauty products, herbs & spices and Birkenstock Footwear.
Our friendly & knowledgeable staff offers insight and service gained from years of professional experience in the natural food industry. Whether we meet you in our store or through our web site, the staff of the Good Earth welcomes you!

You can stop in or call us 7 days a week! Visit us virtually anytime Good Earth Indy Facebook


Herbs, Spices, Loose Leaf Teas & More in BULK

Good Earth has more than 500 Herbs, Spices, Loose Leaf Teas & More in our BULK Herb Room! Organic, fair-trade and even body care options available. Save money on these high quality herbs, spices, salts, teas and liquid options in bulk quantities. *Sold by the pound online and by the ounce in store. Click here […]


Energy Up! Does Ashwagandha Really Work?

Energy Up! Does Ashwagandha Really Work? Herbal supplements are a great way to support your daily health and wellness. In fact, according to a survey by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), 12% of people in the U.S. take at least one herbal supplement every day. One of the most popular types of herbal […]


Herbal Preparations

So you’ve done your research. Bought your herbs. Have all the materials. What now? This is a common frustration amongst many individuals diving into the world of herbalism. The role of education falls on the responsibility of the herbalist and is something I believe needs to be further emphasized. In this article, I hope to […]


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