Earthies shoes reposition the weight-bearing part of the foot in a heeled shoe, so that the arch and heel carry most of the body's weight. They accomplish this mostly with a very high arch. Wearing them is almost like wearing a negative heeled Kalso style, where the heel bears all of the body weight. Walking paved city streets? Cobblestone lanes? Looking for boots, ankle-high booties and sandals? Look to Earth Shoes for smart styling and uncompromising comfort. Shop wide variety of sandals, boots, flats and pumps. Go casual or dressy with great style and state-of-the-art comfort. Earth shoes feature a multi-density foot bed with latex cushioning, reinforced arch support and an over-padded heel to absorb and displace shock. Consider Earthies by Earth with a molded foot bed, cupped heel to keep the foot in proper position and an anatomic arch to assist transition from the heel to the forefoot.

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