Women’s PMS Tea 16 Bags

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Promotes a Healthy Pre-Menstrual Cycle*

PMS Tea™ promotes a healthy pre-menstrual cycle because it contains herbs traditionally used to support the kidneys' function of eliminating fluids. The kidneys filter and reabsorb calcium, magnesium and potassium and regulate fluid volume and flow, important functions during the pre-menstrual cycle. Dandelion, cornsilk and nettle contain beneficial flavonoids and minerals, most notably potassium. This concentration of flavonoids & potassium is responsible for PMS Tea's beneficial action on the structure & function of the kidneys and bladder. By supplementing with potassium-containing herbs during the pre-menstrual cycle, the kidneys are supported, rather than depleted, during this period of naturally fluctuating fluid levels.

PMS Tea Proprietary Blend: Roasted dandelion root, roasted carob pod, roasted barley grain, roasted chicory root, parsley leaf, oatstraw herb, nettle herb, chickweed herb, uva ursi leaf, cornsilk style and stigma, cramp bark.

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