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How to Fight a Cold!

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We do everything we can to stay healthy: eating right, exercising, keeping stress under control. But despite our efforts to boost our immune systems to live lives of vitality and strength, we all get colds sometimes. When you get a cold, you want to treat it as naturally as you live. But how do you treat a cold so that you can feel better fast? And what really works?



Stay Hydrated

When you don’t feel well, the last thing you want to do is get up for water. But with the excess sweating and fluids, we can quickly become dehydrated. According to experts at the Mayo Clinic, a Medical Center of Excellence, your body needs the extra moisture to loosen congestion and fight, kill and expel the virus that is making you sick. Up your fluid intake by 2-3 glasses more than your normal, healthy consumption.

Saline Rinses

Salt is a natural virus assassin. It helps create a environment in which bacteria and viruses cannot thrive. Invest in a neti pot and purchase a nasal wash pH balanced for internal use, like Himalayan sea salt.

Drink Warmth

Warm food and drinks help promote mucus flow. Mucus is how your body gets as much of the virus out of the body as it can so that it can fight the rest. Keep a tea kettle ready when you start to feel sick. There is a reason warm chicken soup and hot teas are have been used throughout history to treat colds. They work. Throat Coat Tea.

Get Some Rest

You want to work through it, but this only prolongs the cold. If you are taking OTC stimulants to ease the symptoms so you can work, instead of resting, then you are not giving your body a fighting chance to eliminate the virus at the source.


There are many OTC (over the counter) cold remedies that can help you feel better. But many of them may have ingredients that you don’t want to ingest. According to experts at the Mayo Clinic, you may feel better, but they do nothing to shorten the cold or prevent it. They are only treating the symptomsRootology is different, combining 13 highly concentrated natural herbal extracts — and nothing else. These ingredients are shown to support healthy breathing and the reduction of sneezing, congestion, sinus pressure, runny nose, headaches and itchy watery eyes, so that you can feel better fast. It helps support your body’s natural ability to fight the cold.

When you have a cold, your life doesn’t stop. You need to get better fast. But taking care of yourself the right way is the only way to treat a cold naturally. So stay hydrated, get some rest and help your body fight back.