EveryDay Detox Tea 16 Bags

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Promotes Healthy Liver Function

EveryDay Detox™ supports the normal cleansing process of the liver by helping to filter, neutralize and rid the body of accumulated toxins. It also aids the manufacture of bile to help digest fats and promote digestion. Based on a traditional Asian formulation approach, the herbs in this slightly sweet and sour blend have a long history of safe and beneficial use. EveryDay Detox™ can be used daily because it does not contain any harsh laxative or purgative herbs. While Traditional Medicinals does not accept a “quick fix” method to liver cleansing, we do believe that regular use of EveryDay Detox™ will complement a wellness approach that includes improved overall dietary habits, daily exercise and healthy relaxation and sleep patterns. Traditional Medicinals wishes you good health.

EveryDay Detox Proprietary Blend: Sweet tea vine herb (Gynostemma pentaphyllum), schisandra fruit dried aqueous extract, licorice root, ginger rhizome, star anise fruit, lycium fruit dried aqueous extract, schisandra fruit, kukicha twig (Camellia sinensis).

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