Shave Soap Shea + Aloe 3.15 oz

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Good Grooming for Adventurous Gents

100% Natural Shaving Soap with Certified Organic Ingredients
With soothing Aloe Vera and nutrient-rich Coconut Oil
Glycerin-rich, luxurious lather
Softens beard and skin. Reduces irritation.
Featuring Low Furocoumarin Bergamot, a non-photosensitizing essential oil.
For the Smoothest Shave You Ever Had. Enriched with soothing Aloe Vera, moisturizing Coconut Oil, and a hefty dose of glycerin for good “slip” and a smooth, non-irritating shave. All natural ingredients means our soap produces a lighter lather than conventional shaving soaps, and will leave your skin soft and clean without residue and dryness. Works best when used with our Pre-Shave Oil and applied with a quality shave brush. But, if lost in some vast uncharted wilderness, you can lather with cold water from a nearby stream or spring, apply by hand, and still end up looking and feeling good. Read our 'Tips for Success Blog' in using our Shaving Soap.


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