L-Arginine Sustained Release 120 Caps

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Just like other bodily functions, nitric oxide signaling efficiency declines as a normal part of aging. Your endothelial cells produce nitric oxide to help your vessels stay relaxed and open for blood flow.

As your efficiency to produce nitric oxide slows down, your body could use some help to support optimal blood flow. L-arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide that is needed by the lining in your vessels (endothelium) to create nitric oxide.

A semi-essential amino acid called L-arginine appears to be at the heart of the matter of supporting your cardiovascular health.

Maintaining the natural, healthy functions of your vascular endothelium (vessel lining) is dependent on an efficient supply of L-arginine.

Let me quickly summarize your potential benefits from L-Arginine…
Helps blood vessels relax to promote optimal blood flow in your body
Aids in helping to maintain healthy blood pressure levels that are already within the normal range
Promotes healthy breathing
Provides support for your immune system
Enhances your exercise tolerance
Promotes your overall cardiovascular system vitality

But, one of the biggest challenges with L-arginine is its absorption rate.

Your body very rapidly absorbs and metabolizes L-arginine. This means you would likely have to take supplements frequently during the day in order to maintain increased levels of L-arginine in your body.

What I discovered is an L-arginine solution with a unique patented formula for what’s called ‘sustained-release.’

Sustained-release helps you maintain an optimal level of L-arginine in your system over a 24-hour period… reducing the need to frequently take capsules throughout the day


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