Jojoba Oil Clear Organic 4oz

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  • Fair Trade

  • Organic


Inesscents™ Organic Clear Jojoba oil comes from an evergreen shrub native to the Sonoran Desert. The seed is crushed to obtain a brilliant golden liquid, providing moisturizing and healing benefits for all skin types. We source ONLY jojoba oil grown and processed in the USA.

Rich In: B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin E, fatty acids and minerals.

Ingredients: *Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil filtered through clay to remove color and natural scent. *Certified organically grown.

Suggested Uses: Add your favorite essential oils for a daily massage / body oil. Excellent for use in a “hot oil treatment” for hair and scalp. Suitable for the most sensitive skin.

This is a cold-pressed product filled with life and vitality. Keep in cool, dark place to extend shelf life.


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