Fermented Ginseng 30 Caps

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The potential health benefits of ginseng have been long-studied, but many people never experience its true value since ginseng is difficult to absorb.

That’s why I created Fermented Ginseng which provides faster, more consistent absorption over non-fermented ginseng.

Fermented Ginseng can:
Help support energy
Support your adrenal function
Support your mental and physical performance
Support your immune system and overall well-being

Unlike other supplements, my Fermented Ginseng made from pure 100% Korean Ginseng instead of American Ginseng because it contains more ginsenosides – the most valuable components of ginseng. Plus, it’s:
Harvested at the optimal time to help maximize nutritional value
Processed using a special low-heat vacuum extraction of the whole root, to uphold vitamins and other benefits lost in high-heat steaming by traditional processing
NOT peeled, so key bioactive compounds stay intact


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