Allerase 60 Capsules

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Allerase contains high amylase activity to support common symptoms associated with seasonal issues. Allerase can also help to reduce sugar cravings. This formula contains a high potency blend of Thera-Blend amylase enzymes. Amylase is well known for being able to break down carbohydrates, it does have another important function.

Histamine causes amylase to be released by the body. This can contribute to an amylase deficiency, supplementation can provide a balancing effect.

Mucolase is a protein digesting enzyme that targets and break down excess mucus.

Take on an empty stomach and the combination of amylase and mucolase enzymes offers all natural, non drowsy support for seasonal issues.

Amylase alos supports the breakdown of sugar into usable forms. Fatigue, anxiety and headaches are all byproducts of the body's inability to utilize the amount of sugar being consumed. Amylase can help control sugar cravings by promoting healthy blood sugar levels.


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