Women's Birkenstock

Women’s footwear by Birkenstock. Browse Sandals, Boots and shoes made by Birkenstock. Women’s Sandals: The Merge of Function and High-fashion. Few sandals are able to serve both fashion and functional purposes. The range of BIRKENSTOCK sandals for women includes myriad models that accomplish just that. As a result, the most classic BIRKENSTOCK designs are seen on runways, and our most fashion-forward options are comfortable enough to be regulars on Main Street.

Practical and pretty

Whether in regards to style or performance, the BIRKENSTOCK woman’s sandal is designed to dress the feet of those in search of quality—and cute.

Best in class construction- The bedrock of a quality shoe is one that promotes healthy, supported feet. The original BIRKENSTOCK footbed, renowned for expert construction that’s been perfected over decades, is the standard of custom comfort. Created with optimal materials to provide overall support and cushioning—cork, jute, plush EVA and suede, among others—our footbed also isolates individual areas to ensure that different regions of the foot are properly served—the toes enjoy extra room for natural movement and foot alignment, and the heel is cradled and cushioned through its deep cup.

The fashion factor- The design element can’t be ignored when considering footwear for discerning women. We play around with fabrics, finishes, height and other details to create a cohesive line of fun looks. A few standouts highlight the diversity found in the BIRKENSTOCK collection of sandals for women.

The addition of shearling is a textural detail that subtly transforms our most popular models into something unexpected. The Amazon Shearling lines its footbed with puffs of fur, and the Daytona takes its criss-cross strap and adorns one side with the same lambskin for the coziest cool weather look. These styles move easily between the transitional months where socks are optional.


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