Vegan Birkenstock

Vegan footwear by Birkenstock. Birkenstock Vegan footwear. Discover our diverse vegan collection and enjoy excellent comfort. Our classics in our vegan collection are produced with animal-friendly, ecologically-sound and sustainable materials. Arizona Vegan Birkenstock. Boston Vegan Birkenstock.
Vegan Sandals: The Unexpected Choice

Shoes that utilize no animal-based materials during the manufacturing process make up the BIRKENSTOCK vegan category. The vegan ideology incorporates the intentional use of synthetic and natural products to create an entirely animal-friendly line that delivers the reliability and style combination that’s come to be expected of the BIRKENSTOCK shoe.

Why choose vegan?

Whether it’s a conscientious choice or a fashion-led one, the vegan sandal collection is a feel-good line to shop. Some of the most popular styles available in the larger BIRKENSTOCK collection can be found among the vegan selection.

The same attention has been paid to maintain the standards of the inimitable BIRKENSTOCK footbed in the vegan collection. Without compromising any of the design integrity and functionality of the contoured footbed that’s long promoted health and wellness, the vegan sandal makes use of synthetic and natural products- microfiber, jute, cork, EVA- to recreate each highly functional layer.

The vegan components of a BIRKENSTOCK shoe

Only quality materials, both man-made and naturally occurring, are sourced to create the sandals in the BIRKENSTOCK vegan collection.

EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate)- EVA is a skin-friendly plastic with exceptional abrasion resistance used enthusiastically for the Essentials line; sandals don’t get much lighter, or easier, than those in this collection. EVA is flexible and, of course, water-friendly. It has been used in both unexpected ways- it’s the sole material used to make the Boston Essential clog!- and to create the outsoles of most of our footbeds.

Microfiber- The soft, lightweight and breathable material is an often-used component of the BIRKENSTOCK vegan sandal. Whether in the upper of sandals and in the lining of the footbeds, microfiber serves as a durable suede-substitute.

Birko-Flor and Birkibuc- These synthetic materials are leather and nubuck alternatives that provide a durable, low-maintenance look comparable to the real thing. They are sought out for being competitively priced and super soft. And with fewer rough edges, they are less likely to cause irritation and a truly pleasant walking experience.

Cork and jute- Cork and jute are natural and essential ingredients of the original BIRKENSTOCK contoured footbed. Jute fibers work to wick away moisture, and cork insulates and cushions. Together, they create the unique footbed that is at once firm, flexible and conforms to the shape of the foot with each step.

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