Men's Birkenstock

Men’s footwear by Birkenstock. Men’s Shoes: BIRKENSTOCK for the Modern Man

Shoes for men today need to be as current as they are comfortable; as stylish as they are unassuming. The BIRKENSTOCK man doesn’t need to be at the cutting edge of fashion but he does appreciate a contemporary aesthetic that goes hand-in-hand with expert craftsmanship. The BIRKENSTOCK collection of men’s shoes represents these priorities.

Comfort and durability at the heart of men’s shoes: the BIRKENSTOCK footbed

Marriage of form and function is never more important than when it comes to shoes for the modern man. But in the end, comfort is the ultimate win. As with the entire collection, the BIRKENSTOCK shoes for men begin with the contoured footbed, renowned for its anatomically ideal construction that conforms to the shape of the foot with each step. It provides incredible support and creates the foundation for truly comfortable footwear.

The individual layers of the BIRKENSTOCK footbed also show what’s behind the durability of the men’s shoe collection. The firm cork, strength of the jute layers and durable shock absorbing sole all work together to create the bedrock of a reliable shoe that will endure the long days of hard work and leisure.

Time-tested styles reinvented

Classic designs are reinterpreted and recreated for today’s consumer.

Weekend styles- Casual sneakers and cozy clogs are among the stars of the BIRKENSTOCK men’s collection—the Arran, Illinois and Boston styles in all their variants are among our most popular. Simple designs work together with premium fabrics and finishes to create shoes that can be enjoyed casually on any weekend adventure.

Anywhere, anytime styles- Low-hitting ankle shoes, high-top boots, and slip-on shoes are among the BIRKENSTOCK men’s styles that can transition from the weekend to a weeknight out. The Idaho shoe fits in at the docks as easily as it does at a trendy downtown restaurant; the Montana utilizes a sophisticated oiled leather finish with stud and lace details to create a unique shoe for day or night; and the Ames leather high-top sneaker with criss-cross elastic detail is a great sneaker-shoe hybrid.

Statement styles- For the most fashion-forward, there are select models that push the design element of the BIRKENSTOCK men’s shoe. The familiar Boston clog in its Metallic finishes creates an unexpected look; the Timmins High style plays around with leather and fur; and the Amsterdam men’s shoe in its rubber iteration creates a surprisingly futuristic look that really makes a statement.

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